We Empower Park and Marina Residents

If you are an Oregon park or marina resident who owns their home, but rents the space or slip in which your home is located, then we are here for you.

OSTA is your support network, a trusted source of information about your rights, and your advocate for more secure housing through improved legislation.

Through these efforts and initiatives, we enhance your quality of life.


One of the most vital ways we sustain ourselves is by building communities of resistance, places where we know we are not alone.

bell hooks, Activist

On the day that we do discover that we are not alone, our society may begin to evolve and transform in some incredible and wondrous new ways.

Carl Sagan, Scientist

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

Helen Keller, Advocate

OSTA provides support, tools, and resources for park and marina tenants at every step in their journey.

I want to…


Park and Marina Tenants Join Together to Amplify Their Voices

The following details the history of how OSTA opened its doors to include marina tenants and is filled with surprising ways in which park and marina tenants all have more in common than is immediately apparent on the surface.


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