Greetings and Happy 2022 to You!

With the beginning of 2022, we continue to monitor and engage, and we are looking to the coming year to hold more answers as to how we reach our membership – we are currently evaluating new systems intertwined with previous communication tools.

The Board has had its share of transition with the resignation of three Directors, family member illnesses and also the challenges of Covid 19. There is no paid position on the OSTA Board so we are a group of volunteers with four of our Board members working outside OSTA at full time jobs.

On October 21, 2021, the Board met and reviewed all that we are committed to continuing to provide for our members. We devised a list of what we envision for the coming year. We need your skills and talents to make good things happen in these changing times.

Communication Challenges

Our biggest challenge is communication with our membership. In the past we were able to reach out to chapters through in-person community meetings and training for members on Chapter 90 and park/marina issues. Covid 19 changed that. The OSTA Review was published quarterly and now we are looking for ways to have it become a more viable communication tool to reach more members with more updated information.

Each of our members have individual needs at different times from OSTA. During the transition to the use of our new website we have attempted to educate members on its use and how to access information that can assist them. This is a process that has been difficult for members that do not have computers and do not utilize technology to gather the information that they might need.

Moving forward, our plan for communication is to post more regularly on the website and to follow up with mailing hard copies to those that do not have access to computers. How often those mailings will occur is being planned.

We are exploring town meetings, joint chapter meetings, both in person and virtually, and also additional community engagement with new programs.

How You Can Help: Volunteer Your Time and/or Become an OSTA Director

We will be slow to accomplish these tasks without your assistance. Covid 19 and the shut down has provided all OSTA members with opportunities to make our organization stronger and reach more Manufactured and Floating Home communities. The issues facing us are multifaceted. Fair Housing rights are being challenged across the state and now is the time for OSTA to regroup, and you are the ones that can answer the call for organizing in your park, ensuring that vulnerable members have access to information. These are some of the ways you can contribute your talents to our efforts.

  • Apply to become an OSTA Director (serving on the OSTA Board)
  • Become an advocate for disseminating information
  • Become a chapter leader in your park.
  • Write content for our blogposts
  • Envelope stuffer
  • Trainer of Chapter 90 laws and Chapter organization

What Does an OSTA Director DO?

OSTA Directors take part in the governance of our non-profit organization and help us make wise decisions for the future. Directors share our strengths and talents with the organization in a variety of ways unique to that volunteer’s interests.  Directors work together to educate our members, participate in our legislative initiatives, respond to calls into our member helpline from your regional area, and help run the organization either through administrative, secretarial, or treasury duties.

Directors typically meet virtually once a month via Zoom (and as necessary if urgent topics come up). If there is a reason to meet in person, OSTA reimburses travel expenses related to the meeting.

If you have skills you would like to contribute but they are not listed above, please contact us and let us know your interests.  Your work can make a difference for you and others. This is good work!

“When I am giving, I’m grateful… because I am a blessing to somebody.”

Email or call Sheryl at (800) 423-9371 to learn about how your skills can help.

Wishing you a bright 2022,

The OSTA Board