Benefits of an OSTA Membership

    • Priority responsiveness to requests for help via email and web contact form – for information, referrals, and practical advice about landlord-tenant laws and other facility living issues

    • COMING SOON! – Members-Only Online Portal provides convenient self-service access to additional tools, resources, publications, support, and more*

    • OSTA Helping Hands Grant Program eligibility – financial assistance with a home project

  • OSTA District Board Directors assist members in forming OSTA Chapters in their park or marina community to help homeowners build workable relationships with thie landlords/managers and Directors provide on-site education, training and problem-solving assistance to local OSTA chapters

  • Members have opportunities to network with other homeowners, industry partners, park and marina tenant lobbyists, and Oregon legislators, at meetings and conventions and influence key decision-makers

  • A broad membership base strengthens political power for all park and marina homeowners

  • The cost of your membership is tax-deductible


*To encourage the use of our new website, we are offering this free to everyone for a limited time.

We value your membership

Doing your part to contribute to the mission ensures that we can continue to provide resources to make your life easier and advocate for improved legislation to add stability to your housing.

Your $30 membership a tax-deductable.

Associate Members

We offer two kinds of memberships.  OSTA Members are those who live in a park or marina community.  OSTA Associate Members are those individuals who do not live in a park or marina community but recognize the valuable work which must be done to preserve our communities.  So maybe your parent lives in a community and you want to get involved, or you have a special job in a related field, please join us!

We welcome all members equally and are thankful for your contribution.

OSTA is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. The IRS has issued guidelines that affect the charitable contribution portion of memberships. Under those guidelines, members may claim the amount of their membership, less the fair market value of benefits received. For OSTA members, the fair market value of benefits received is not substantial and your gift is tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.  All additional charitable donations to OSTA are also tax-deductible.