OSTA Board Member

OSTA Membership Chair

OSTA Interim Treasurer

Park Resident – Eugene

Deanna Vaughn

Deanna started her career as a corporate accountant just as desktop computers were becoming common in the workplace. She remembers the first time an IT tech put a computer on her desk. She had no idea how to turn it on, let alone what to do with that thing he called a “mouse”.

Deanna was soon assigned to projects that involved the implementation of business systems that could be accessed by these desktop computers. She discovered she had a special talent in understanding what business users needed in their systems and was able to translate those needs into IT tech language.

Fortunately for her career, businesses always needed new systems or needed to upgrade their old ones.

Now happily retired, Deanna and her husband are enjoying all that Oregon has to offer. She loves spending time in her garden watching snails, spiders and hummingbirds while sipping green tea and munching on dark chocolate.

Deanna became a member of OSTA after moving to a 55+ community in 2015. She felt that she and her husband needed to understand the finer points of owning a home while renting the land it sits on, as well as to meet other people in the same situation. In 2018, she joined the OSTA Board as Membership Chairperson when she could see a new spreadsheet opportunity in her future.  She is also currently serving as the interim Treasurer and helping OSTA document our best practices involving budgets and finances.