OSTA Associate Board Member

Organizing, Development, and Training Consultant, Columinate

Independent Cooperative Development Consultant

Cooperative Developer

Julie Massa

Julie Massa has worked as a cooperative developer, organizer, lobbyist, and policy advocate since 1997.

Julie’s interest in converting manufactured home parks into resident-owned cooperatives lead her to a job with the national ROC USA Network affiliate CASA of Oregon in 2010. At the time, Julie’s supervisor at CASA encouraged her to serve on the OSTA Board to provide advocacy coaching and training to help reinforce the advocacy and support that OSTA provides to residents struggling with unjust landlords, and service to those without an opportunity to collectively purchase their communities.  Julie describes her participation with OSTA, “It has been a joy to be involved over the years and to watch the growth of OSTA as a leader and a resource to residents across the state of Oregon. I’m thrilled to still serve on the OSTA Board of Directors.”

Prior to her current work with the services cooperative, Columinate, Julie lead and assisted in the cooperative conversion of 15 of the existing 17 manufactured housing resident-owned communities in Oregon with the nonprofit affordable housing affiliate of the ROC USA Network, CASA of Oregon. She also worked as a registered lobbyist and policy advocate on behalf of Oregon’s nonprofit affordable housing providers and the Oregon Food Bank.

Julie holds a B.A. in Human Ecology and has completed graduate-level nonprofit management, facilitation, and collaborative community courses at Portland State University. In 2015, Julie received a Certificate of Completion from Harvard Kennedy School for the Leadership, Organizing, and Action Course with Professor Marshall Ganz. Ganz provided organizing support and guidance to Cesar Chavez in his successful effort to unionize California’s farmworkers.