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The Benefits of Forming an OSTA Chapter in Your Park or Marina

Have you ever wondered if your landlord can legally do something that he is doing?  Have you ever wondered what you can and cannot do with your home without getting evicted?

Strong OSTA Chapters know and understand their rights.  They can help residents navigate difficult tenant-landlords issues.

Many of our right for homeowners in rented spaces didn’t exist until after 1977, the year the Oregon State Tenants Association was established and now, expanded in 2019, to include floating home tenants.

If you already have a Tenants or Homeowner’s Association or an active Committee of Seven, forming an OSTA Chapter can bolster and supplement your efforts by bringing a statewide network of education, empowerment and advocacy to support your cause. It is not uncommon for Oregon park and marina landlord-tenant laws to change because of issues which were first uncovered in a park or marina community with an OSTA Chapter. OSTA listens and gathers information from their Chapter member experiences and are often the first to sound the alarm when new legislative solutions must be pursued in order to resolve Chapter park or marina issues.

OSTA wants you to know…

You have the right to:

  1. Form a residents’ association
  2. Object to changes in proposed rules
  3. Complain to your managers without fear of them trying to evict or fine you
  4. Obtain written copies of your rental agreement, rules, and statement of policy
  5. Have a 90 days’ notice of a rent increase
  6. Be notified in writing of any rules you violate
  7. Safe and maintained common areas
  8. To keep your month-to-month rental agreement and not have to sign a new one
  9. Be protected from eviction except for not paying rent or utilities, for illegal activities, or for violating rules and laws
  10. Receive a 24-hour notice before the manager enters your space, unless there is an emergency

Form an OSTA Chapter at Your Park or Marina

Ensure our Future Ability to Continue Advocating For You

Joining OSTA helps ensure that the only organization in Oregon dedicated to helping park and marina tenants learn and understand their rights can continue to advocate for our way of life. OSTA offers education, empowerment and advocacy to all manufactured and floating home owners on rented space, whether the subject concerns pets, neighbors, hazards, landlords, or park/marina purchase by its residents.

Without the work of OSTA, we would still be paying fees to have a pet, we would not have access to free mediation, or know how to find an attorney who can advise us on this specialized area of landlord-tenant law. We wouldn’t know where to turn if we got an eviction notice and couldn’t understand the reason.

People like us, living in parks and marinas all over the state, are supported by OSTA, a group of volunteers who work hard for us all. Our financial support comes from tax-deductible member dues and donations. Our power to influence legislators comes from our numbers. Our strength comes from people like you who are willing to keep your individual chapters strong by keeping yourselves informed and volunteering to help. Strong chapters help everyone in every park enjoy this lifestyle we have chosen.

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Join OSTA and experience first-hand how OSTA can make a difference at your park or marina.

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