Guides to Your Park or Marina Tenant Rights

Rights for manufactured and floating home tenants in Oregon living in communities of 4 or more houses

Park/Marina Landlord-Tenant Laws

Learn about the laws which protect you

Peace of Mind

Improve the stability of your living situation by exploring landlord responsibilities under the law

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Organize a Local OSTA Chapter

Understand your rights and how to exercise them

Empower Your Community

Fortify your residents with knowledge of their rights and our statewide organization stands behind you

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Form a Residents Committee

Improve communication between the residents and the landlord

Negotiate a Better Community

Oregon law gave tenants the Committee of Seven and now we give you everything you need to organize and form one

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Selling Your Home in Rented Space

Make sure you stay protected on the way out

Protect your most valuable asset

Ensure that you and your landlord are complying with the laws of selling your home in place

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