Seeking Part-Time Organizer

OSTA is a nonprofit, all-volunteer education and advocacy group that works with residents of manufactured home parks (MHPs) and floating home communities (marinas) in Oregon. OSTA seeks to enter into a 6-month contract with an organizer who will visit and communicate with MHPs along the I-5 corridor and recruit new OSTA volunteers. Recruited volunteers must have the time and capacity to volunteer for roughly 6 hours/month.

The organizer must be available for up to an average of 30 hours per month and will be paid at $33 per hour. Total monthly payment will not exceed $1,000. This position is an independent contractor job, not an employee position. Monthly continuation of the contract will depend on satisfactory progress towards the goals and outcomes outlined below. Gas, printing and other necessary expenses will be reimbursed.


Experience as a community organizer or leader; some knowledge or willingness to learn Oregon manufactured home park law and tenants’ rights; solid communication skills to inspire and educate potential volunteers; ability to physically visit and communicate on zoom with a variety of MHPs. Preference will be given to an individual who has experience with volunteer management.

Goals and Required Outcomes:

Goal #1:
Recruit, help select and train new board members from anywhere in Oregon who are capable and available for active volunteer leadership and engagement, with a focus on park/marina residents.

Installation of at least four new board members, with at least three who are park or marina residents

Goal #2:
Recruit and help train volunteer “District Directors” from parks who are capable and available to offer peer support to other parks in their region.

Installation of at least three new trained District Directors. OSTA seeks regional representative in Western Oregon where parks and marinas are concentrated.

Minimum required activities:

a) Communicate by email, phone and personal visits to a variety of parks and marinas up and down the I-5 corridor. These visits must include training and discussion of tenant leadership strategies and OSTA volunteer opportunities.

b) Submit a monthly report to the OSTA board and attend monthly OSTA meetings on zoom.

Steps to Submit a Proposal

a) Submit a written proposal by 12/15/23 to

b) Include a resume and cover letter outlining your interests, relevant experience and skills. The cover letter should include a detailed summary of what steps and actions you propose to take to achieve the required goals and outcomes.