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We own our homes.  How can we be tenants?

If you are one of the 60,000 people in Oregon who own your manufactured or floating home but you rent the land or the slip space that the home is located on, even though you are a homeowner, you are protected under Oregon laws as a tenant.

The Oregon Residential Landlord Tenant Act governs the laws around your contract with your park or marina owner.  Under Oregon laws, your park or marina owner is your landlord and you are their tenant.

But Oregon Revised Statue laws in Chapter 90 offer more rights and protections to manufactured and floating home owners in parks and marinas than apartment tenants.  These laws are contained in the second half of ORS Chapter 90 and are in addition to the laws which govern apartment tenancies.

Why Chapter 90 Laws Matter

The Oregon Residential Landlord Tenant Act (ORLTA), also knows as Oregon Revised Statute Chapter 90 Laws, govern the bargain that landlords strike with their tenants.  Some laws in Chapter 90 protect the landlord and some are written to protect the tenant.

Nearly everything you can or cannot do in your park or marina is governed by Chapter 90 laws with only a few exceptions.  Chapter 90 sets the rules your landlord must follow regarding your tenancy.

Likewise, even though you consider yourself a homeowner, you also must comply with the limits that the law places on you in a park or marina.

Learn your way around chapter 90 laws

How OSTA Influences Oregon Laws

OSTA Executive Officers, Directors, and members are active participants in the legislative process.  We are in constant contact with our park and marina members and learn first-hand about issues that our members are experiencing in their communities.

We work with Oregon legislators, The MH Landlord-Tenant Coalition, tenant lobbyists, and other community partners to bring about legislative solutions to problems at parks and marinas.

Work with us to improve our rights

Where Do I Start?

OSTA has 40+ years of experience in helping tenants find answers to their most pressing issues.  Understanding what is expected of tenants and their landlords brings peace of mind.

The first way we accomplish this is by making it easy for you to locate the laws and understand them with guidance from this website.  This online resource is full of information about what the law says a landlord can and cannot do and will be consistently updated with new information about your rights and our own legislative campaigns to improve your rights.

Search the Laws

We get it.  Not everyone loves reading laws. And believe it or not, sometimes the language of those laws is especially confusing.

We try to break it down for you so that the laws are easier for you to understand. With the launch of this website, we will be providing ongoing FAQs and informational materials to help explain the laws and what they mean to you.  This, too, will be an ongoing feature of the site with new material and resources posted frequently to help you make sense of the laws.

Futher Understanding

Sometimes, there are some issues that come up in parks and marinas where the laws don’t offer an easy fix or maybe you just need some extra help to get yourself pointed in the right direction.

We offer resources to help you.  Whether you are interested in forming a cooperative to purchase your park or marina from your landlord or whether you just need some old fashioned advice from our helpline, we have you covered.  You are not alone.  OSTA is here for you.

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