8 Laws Your Park or Marina Landlord Wishes You Didn’t Know

NOTE: The above subject links to OregonLaws.org are offered for convenience as they are the only online Oregon Law database that can link to individual statutes.  However, OregonLaw.org is maintained by a non-governmental agency and has been known to contain an occasional error and/or lag behind newly-enacted Oregon State Laws.  Therefore, in matters where the precise legal language is critical, it is important to use the official Oregon State Legislature site to accurate and current legal language, even if their site is not as easy to navigate.

How Do I Know Which Laws Pertain to Me?

ORS Chapter 90 Landlord-Tenant laws apply to all residential tenancies


ORS 90.100 – 90.493

Covers all tenancies: apartments, park and marina residents, subleases, etc.


ORS 90.505 – 90.875

Applies only to park and marina tenancies (as long as they meet all three of the requirements below***)

*The additional protections in the second half of ORS Chapter 90 apply to you, IF YOU MEET ALL THREE OF THE FOLLOWING CRITERIA:

NOTE: For park and marina tenancies, if there is language in the last half of ORS Chapter 90 (ORS 90.505 – 90.875) which contradicts the language in the first half (ORS 90.100 – 90.493), consider the language in last half of Chapter 90 to reign supreme for your situation.

What about RVs and Liveaboards?

RV park tenants and liveaboard marina tenants (both are types of tenancies in which the residential property can be moved under its own propulsion), largely follow the laws in the first half of Chapter 90. However, there is case law on file in Oregon where liveaboards were considered to be “floating homes” during an appeal under Ramsum v Woldridge. Contact an attorney with questions about your specific situation if you live full-time on a boat.  Depending on the situation, you may have some protected rights.  Our organization does not at this time address liveaboard rights.  We advise that you contact a landlord-tenant attorney (see our Resources page).

Explore The Laws

There are currently two online formats available for you to explore ORS Chapter 90 Laws

Each version comes with unique functionality and layout differences which might make your research easier.

Still not sure, below is a comparison table of the two versions.

OregonLaws.org - Links & Easy Navigation

  • Large Print
  • Incorporation of New Laws Lags, You Need to Cross-Reference Amendments
  • Laws Have Been Known to Contain Some Language Errors
  • Topics Grouped by Main Topics Listed for Easy Navigation
  • Easy to Navigate Back and Forth Between Laws and Various Subjects
  • Live Links to Other Referenced and Relevant Statutes and Case Law
  • Numbered Outline Shows Hierarchy – which sub-points fall under previous points

OregonLegislature.gov - Searchable & Up-to-Date

  • Standard Print
  • Always the Most Up-to-Date Version of the Laws
  • Always the Precise Legal Language of the Laws
  • Main Topics Not Separately Shown
  • One Long Document – Cannot “Go Back” to Previous Page
  • Lists Other Related Laws but You Will Have to Look Them Up
  • Numbered Outline Format Does Not Display Hierarchy – more difficult to follow

So, you understand how to navigate your way around Chapter 90 Landlord-Tenants Laws and you are ready for more?

We developed an indexed, printable version that you can print, bind and take notes on!

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