THANK YOU!! We can’t wait for you to join us!

Annual OSTA Membership: $30 per household

INSTRUCTIONS for Filling and Sending the Membership Form

Please Note:   Download and Complete Forms Offline in the Adobe Reader.  Do Not Complete Form Online within your Browser. 

Although you can fill in a form while it is displayed within your browser, we strongly recommend that you not do so. You will lose all entered form data if you browse to other web pages in the same browser window that you are using to display the screen fillable form.  You run the risk of accidentally deleting all of your entered form data by inadvertently clicking on the “back or “forward” buttons on your browser.  Clicking either of these buttons will close the form and delete of all your information.

We recommend the following Best Practices for filling out our OSTA fillable online forms without losing your data:

  • Click on the above button to open the Membership Application
  • Once opened, (do not begin filling out the form yet) select “File” from the menu.
  • From the drop-down menu, select “Save Page As”
  • Choose a place where the file will be saved down locally to your computer.
  • Navigate to where you locally saved the file on your computer and open the PDF from there. The filename is “OSTA-Membership-Application-fillable.pdf”.
  • You can now fill out the form.
  • NOTE: You may also “File>Save” it and finish it later. You can repeat this as many times as it takes to complete the form.

Once completed, send your application to us:

  • US MAIL:  Print this application, fill it out by hand, and mail to OSTA’s PO Box (found on the application).
  • EMAIL:  Attach the filled out application form a computer to an email and send to:

Once you email your Membership Application to us, please remit payment online via PayPal through this link by clicking HERE.