Eugene Park is Holding a Resident Rally to Protest $900 Space Rents

We are seeing space rents increasing substantially across Oregon parks and marinas.  This communication is from our friends in Eugene.  Feel free to come out to support the cause.

Let Your Voice be Heard

Would you like your grandmother living in a tent under the Jefferson Street overpass?

We are writing to alert you to the potential loss of affordable housing for seniors here in Eugene and would like to invite you to attend a meeting and rally on Saturday , September 25th in front of our closed clubhouse at 10am where you can add your voice to those who are incensed by this development. The Park is located at 1800 Lakewood Ct. in Eugene.

For over forty years, seniors had enjoyed living at Lakewood Park in northwest Eugene. Lakewood is a 55+ manufactured home park. The 180 homes in the park had been a magnet for those seeking affordable housing in a village-like community. It is set in a quiet area off Highway 99 and features a small lake and several ponds, all connected by canals. For decades, we had enjoyed daily community events which wove us together as a community of loving, caring neighbors.

In early 2020, however, the park was purchased by CPI Lakewood Park Owner, LLC. The park is now called Lakewood Vista. The new owners have stated their intent to make Lakewood Vista the “premier” park in all of Eugene. One by one, they are replacing some of the older homes with new ones and they plan to replace at least 88 of the older homes with new homes.  The new homes are listed on the market for over $185,000 and the space rent for new residents is over $900. Their intention is to make this park no longer affordable for the current residents, many of whom survive only on Social Security. They have promised to remodel or replace the existing community buildings, but so far after 18 months, no action has been taken and we have been locked out of the amenities included in rental agreements for which we are paying. There has been no definitive communication from the owners about their plans to remedy the situation and there has been no effort to reduce rents for the lack of amenities.

In contrast to new residents, established residents pay just over $600 in space rent, and, before the park was purchased by the REIT, homes would sell for $50,000 to $100,000. Unfortunately, the fact that new residents have to pay $900+ in rent has caused the value of existing homes to plummet. When a home needs to be sold, it will sit on the market for many, many months, and if the seller gives up, the REIT will offer a scant $20,000 for it. The REIT can then demolish the house and replace it with a $185,000 house.

Please plan to attend our outdoor meeting on September 25 from at 10am to support us in publicizing the demise of our unique affordable housing.

Lakewood Residents Association

Contact: Deann Sweeper, 956-286-1477