SB 586 Requires Mandatory Mediation

Mandatory Mediation grew from the clear need for some sort of enforcement of the laws we’ve worked so hard to win over the decades. OSTA and tenants across the state were seeing a trend.  Good laws existed but, with landlords who refused to comply with the law, it left tenants with no other choice than to surrender their rights or pay for costly litigation which many tenants cannot afford. Unfortunately, many tenant were left with only as much justice as they could afford to buy.

Mediation had been voluntary under ORS 90, but OSTA worked to support the adoption of Senate Bill 586 which requires mandatory mediation as of January 1, 2020.

Now, if a landlord or tenant requests mediation over a dispute involving the park or marina, the other party must agree to attend at least one mediation session in good faith.

The hope is that the disputing parties will work through their differences and decide on an agreement that works best for all involved.

Why participate in Mandatory Mediation?

We all know how much of a toll on our health and well being it takes when we hold on to anger. In general, we have lost the ability to have difficult conversations. A mediator has the ability to bring out what we call “the rest of the iceberg.” What may start with a dispute over the placement of a bird feeder might really be the tip of the real cause of the dispute, something totally unrelated to feeding birds. Without the services of a mediator, a real understanding of the nature of the dispute may never be revealed. Without that revelation, healing cannot begin.

Mandatory Mediation Factsheet

This new legislation covers not only manufactured communities but also marinas.

Presently, several community dispute resolution centers hold contracts with the Manufactured Communi-ties Resource Center (MCRC). If uncertain of how to locate a center, contact MCRC on the web at: or call them at 1-800-453-5511 and they will connect you with a mediator.

What Will Mediation Cost?

Nothing. The expense, $10 per year, is already included in your property tax statement. The service has been used in the past to settle such disputes as fences, boundaries, night lighting, loud noise, dog disobedience incidents, and basically any difference of opinion between tenants or tenants and landlords. With the range of park rules and rent-al agreements and the differences between them from one space to another, is there any surprise that conflicts arise?

In my neighborhood, we like to say that arguing is a way of trying to persuade who is right but discussing a conflict is a way to decide what is right.

A good settlement is better than a good lawsuit.

Abraham Lincoln, American President

In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.

Albert Einstein, Inventor

Peace is not the absence of conflict, but the ability to cope with it.

Mahatma Gandhi, Activist and Peaceful Protestor

Would you like to support our continued efforts to advocate for improved laws for park and marina tenants?