Breaking News: Manufactured Home Park tenants in Grants Pass work with CASA of Oregon to successfully purchase their park. While it took over 9 months to achieve, these committed residents organized and worked together to accomplish the single best thing they could do for their future housing security – they became park owners!

The residents of the Family Redwood Park, formerly known as Redwood Estates, were notified the park was going up for sale in April  2023. The future suddenly looked very unsure. Although they were apprehensive, the community came together.

Working with Community and Shelter Assistance Program of Oregon (CASA) and ROC USA, they were able to secure the funding needed to purchase the park. They were also able to stabilize rents. Family Redwood Park is the first resident-owned manufactured home community in Josephine County.

For manufactured home residents, purchasing their park is the best move they can make to protect their investment in a most important asset: their homes. Park resident/owners can protect themselves from rising rents. Monthly payments become more stable. When residents own their park, they control its management and rules. All the homeowners have a stake in keeping the park beautiful and functional.

Buying your manufactured home park is a lot of work but it can be done and is WELL WORTH IT IN MANY WAYS.

For the full story, visit this link from KDRV Newswatch.