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Summaries of Some Selected Laws

Legal language can be intimidating for some.  We have developed some informational guides to help explain how certain laws protect you.

Rental Agreements

When was the last time you looked at your Rental Agreement?

If it’s been a while, its time to take it out and read it closely. Everything you do as a tenant is governed by the law in conjunction with the contents and terms of your Rental Agreement.

For a thorough understanding of how your Rental Agreement impacts your decisions as a tenant, check out our OSTA Guide to Rental Agreements.

In the meantime, visit the Legal Aid Services of Oregon’s publication Housing Rights for Manufactured Home Residents in Oregon.

How Evictions Work

Many tenants are worried about evictions. But OSTA and other partners have fought hard to make evictions harder.

Just because your park manager or marina owner doesn’t like you, he cannot evict you. In fact, only the courts can evict you.

Check out our OSTA Guide to Evictions to help put your mind at ease and bring clarity to evictions and the eviction process and read about our best practices for avoiding an eviction.

Proposed New Rules

Once you sign your Rental Agreement and your Park or Marina Rules, your landlord cannot unilaterally change them.

There is a process for making new rules in your community and you have a vote!

Check out the OSTA Guide to Proposed New Rules to understand how to organize your community to ensure that residents are protected from invalid rules changes in your park or marina.

Pets in Your Community

They are part of our family.  They help us reduce stress.  And, they can even help us live longer!

OSTA has fought hard to protect residents’ pets in parks and marinas and created laws to protect the wellbeing of your furry family member.

Rules change, pets can change, but the law is firm in protecting your rights to a pet.

Check out how Oregon Law protects pets in parks and marinas.

In the meantime, visit the Oregon State Bar’s article on Park and Marina Rules which covers the topic of pets.

Selling Your Home In Place

Selling your home can be a stressful time. It can be made more stressful with a landlord telling you that you have to move your home out of the community, or requiring you to make repairs or else they won’t approve your buyer.

Find out what is required of you during the process of selling your in place at your park or marina.  But most importantly, find out what a landlord can and cannot require of your incoming buyer who wishes to become a resident.

Check out our OSTA Guide to Selling Your Home In Place.

In the meantime, visit the Oregon State Bar’s article on Fees and Deposits and the MMCRC’s articles on Buying a Manufactured or Floating Home in a Park or Marina. * Even though this handout does not mention floating homes, this handout does apply to purchasing a floating home in a rental moorage.

Further Exploration: Laws Explained Posts

Periodically, we post information on our News page about real tenant issues at parks or marinas and how the laws work for real people in real life scenarios.  OSTA members have full access to this additional suite of knowledge.

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