OSTA has received many emails coming in from stakeholders around the state.

I have been receiving realtime updates from many individuals regarding the situation around the state reporting evacuations, parks destroyed, and displaced residents.  To date, there are over 15 parks destroyed, and over 1,500 homes destroyed.

It doesn’t stop with the parks.

I have received emails from park owners and management companies that they have been put on level 3 evacuation from their private homes.

It’s not about park owners versus homeowners, it’s about Manufactured Home Communities.

OSTA is launching outreach campaigns for immediate relief as well as establishing person-to-person hotline contacts to help manufactured housing individuals to communicate their concerns and to lift up, listen, and encourage each other.  We will be gathering a list of resources that people can contact in their immediate areas.

Nancy Inglehart

OSTA Outreach Chair